Monday, January 3, 2011

Everything's Coming Up Roses

It's not a stretch to say this is one of my favorite cat photographs ever! The only way I could love it more was if one of my own cats were in it.



Mr Puddy said...

My mom think the same as you : )

PS : Me and my mom love your interview in CAT CHAT with Cody. I'm glad I found your blog : )

Shawn said...

I loved your interview with Caren @ Cat Chat. Although I do not have a blog for my furry babies, have been thinking about it but have not been hit with the inspiration for title or substance...will continue to ponder, i do blog about family. Boy that was a long sentence!!!!!

AFSS said...

Hi Catsparella, Thank you for coming by our blog for a visit. It was very nice to meet you. We likes the pictures. Cats and flowers always look good together.

careers4YourCat said...

Cat "Cover" model! Very stylish! Loved your interview with Caren at Cat Chat! I mean your interview with Cody! (oops!, don't tell!)

God's Little People said...

Stephanie so nice to meet you.
Just read your VERY HIGH profiled interview over at Cat Chat LOL!! Very sweet.

Ooh, and love that image too!!

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