Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's National Spaghetti Day!

Did you know that January 4th is National Spaghetti Day?

In order to celebrate, I've put together a classy collection of cats and spaghetti!

The original spaghetti cat appeared on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet in August of 2008, and became an internet sensation after being highlighted by E!'s The Soup. During the show, for no apparent reason, and with no explanation given afterwards, they cut away from a woman talking about binge drinking and showed a picture of a black cat sitting in front of a plate of spaghetti. Insiders later revealed that the cat was meant as a "censor clip" or "bleep photo", but no matter - the legend of spaghetti cat was born!

My favorite noodle eating kitty is Tessa, the cat who can eat with a fork and chopsticks! I apologize if I've posted this clip before, but it's too good to miss! Tessa washes her paws before every meal, and one day hopes to meet Tiger Words, David Duval, and have a meal with Oprah Winfrey. I don't know what Tessa is up to these days, as the clip aired quite a few years back, but I wonder if she still feels the same way about Tiger?

On to the rest of the spaghetti cats!



Weetzie's said...

Well, no contest. This is the best National Spaghetti Day tribute post EVER! :)

Grace Elliot said...

Wonderful...but just a thought...spaghetti or roundworms. Yum! (sorry about that , couldnt resist.)
Grace x

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I love the video of the cat eating spaghetti with a fork! I had seen that and it is hilarious!!

Also...the 2nd photo is my favorite (the white cat with the spaghetti on its head!) lol

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