Monday, January 10, 2011

Fashion Face-Off: Maru vs. Hello Kitty


This weekend, Maru took to his blog to model a Hello Kitty inspired bow, and the whole thing got me thinking. In a fashion face-off between the two biggest cats in Japan, who wore it better?



Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

I voted but I will gladly share my vote here...Maru WINS my VOTE!!! PAWS DOWN!!!

You KNOW my deep rooted aversion to "Hello Kitty" lol

Princess Jasmine said...

Maru definitely gets mine, Simba's and the two bunnies votes - not to mention the hoomans :) Beautiful xx

Sivan and Shira said...

Maru is sooooo cute!!!! He wins! :)

MyFuZZyButtZ said...

I love me some Hello Kitty - a kitty without a mouth who speaks from the heart! BUT I have to put my vote in for Maru - a real live kitty who purrs! Oh, and because he's got so much damned purrsonality. Maru for the WIN.

Badkitteh said...

of oourse! Maru!!!!!

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