Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Maru Box Tournament

Back in November, Maru's owner ran an experiment to see if he would still enter a box no matter how small it got. Fresh off a win at the YouTube Video Awards Japan 2010 for that very video, the Maru crew decided to step it up a notch with an official tournament to settle the battle for his favorite box, once and for all. In "Many Too Small Boxes and Maru 2", Small box, More small box, Thin box, and Slim box all battle it out for the ultimate victory: The #1 spot in Maru's heart. While it starts off slow, the final round is a nail biter!

I don't know about you, but my vote goes to the slim bunny box.



God's Little People said...

Aw, love this. Cats are simply the most entertaining company and I love their slightly distorted self view... how DO they manage to fit into such small boxes :-))) LOL


Very beautiful game!

Sivan and Shira said...

MOL! Love it! Maru is so cute!!!

Marcia said...

Cats are so inquisitive! My kitty once stuck his face into a plastic pumpkin an ended up wearing it on it's head. Good thing I was home to remove it, he was banging into walls. Warning: do not leave a plastic pumpkin out if you own a cat that likes to "look into small openings"!!

Unknown said...

Soooooo, close. So what’s 50 bucks anyway? Next time I'll consult my Maru daily box fitting form. Maybe if they were kitties instead of bunnies.

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