Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kaffee Katze Wool Cat Paws Deliver Squishable Toe Beans Of Joy

Cat Paw Magnet

I'm pretty sure kitties have the cutest paws in the universe, and I've made it my life's work to uncover all of the cool stuff that represents them in creative ways (so far, a t-shirt, salt and pepper shakers, and marshmallows top the list). That being said, I feel confident when I declare my latest find, Kaffee Katze, an essential stop for the cat paw aficionado, where you'll get as close to the real thing as possible, without the actual cat.

Cat Paw Pencil Cap

Cat Paw Bookmarks

Shop owner Kannis is a skilled artisan, who uses needle-felted wool to create crazy accurate cat paw bookmarks, magnets, and pencil caps, along with tiny felted kitty brooches that come clutching mini hearts.

Coco Cat Needle Felted Brooch

Cat Brooches

As Kannis told the Etsy blog back in October:

"My ideas come from my co-worker — my lovely cat, Kaffee. Kaffee is my muse!

Kaffee used his paws in creative, imaginative ways — to open the gate of kitchen to see what I’m making for dinner,  to push falling food back to into his small mouth when he is eating, and to get my attention by hitting my legs, shoulders or hands, letting me know when he wants to play. My cat’s paws are my helping hands."

Cat and Lavender Necklace

In addition to her adorable wool designs, Kannis also runs Boogiecat, named after her beloved kitty, Boogie. The store is dedicated to her playful wire jewelry designs, that include cats in whimsical poses.

Wire Cat Earrings

To fall even further down the rabbit hole of cuteness, clear your calendar to check out Kaffee Katze (and Boogiecat) on Etsy, where those of us who covet kitty paws are celebrated, instead of shamed for our strange addiction.



katsrus said...

Gosh those are all so adorable.
Sue b

Katie Isabella said...

ve to have these! I have to!!!

meowmeowmans said...

Those are SO cute!

Marilia said...

I need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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