Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Monopoly Fans Vote Cat As New Game Token


In an outcome that surprised almost no one (except for that one guy who voted for the iron), Monopoly announced today that the cat has gotten one step closer in its quest for world domination, by becoming the latest token in their classic game.

Last month, Hasbro invited fans to vote on their Facebook page to choose a new game piece, while voting an old one off. The new token was supposed to be "more representative of today's Monopoly players," who are obviously cat lovers who hang out on the internet. Millions of votes were cast to save perennial favorites like the dog and thimble, but in the end it was the iron that got evicted from Atlantic Avenue (iron, ya burnt!). The cat token was selected over a robot, ring, helicopter and guitar.

A life-sized version of the feline piece debuted on The Today Show this morning, while the real token is scheduled to hit stores mid- to late 2013. Until then, fans will just have to content themselves playing Cat-opoly, where the tokens have always been cat related.

Via CNN / The Today Show



Georgia said...

It's about time! Now people will compete over who gets the cat piece!

katsrus said...

About time! Yay for cats.
Sue B

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Heard this on the news today and it is waaaaaaaaay overdue!

RiverfrontCats said...

Just to show that cats are popular worldwide! Love it!

Kendy P said...

Yay! My vote mattered! ;)

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