Monday, February 25, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Is A (Reluctant) Cat Lady

Jennifer Lawrence's New Cat

I always took Jennifer Lawrence for a dog person, but as it turns out, the Oscar winning Silver Linings Playbook star is actually a cat-lady-in-training. The 22-year-old visited "The Ellen Show" back in November, where she opened up to DeGeneres about her tortoiseshell kitten, Cleo.

Ellen, who apparently works as a cat whisperer in her spare time, educated Lawrence on matters of feline gender and marking habits, before advising the novice pet owner to get Cleo a kitty companion. In the end, Jennifer didn't seem convinced that adding another cat would help solve her kitty's peeing problem, but based on the reaction she had to Cleo's picture appearing on-screen, I definitely see more cats in her future.



enigmachine said...

She likes her cat? One more reason to like Jennifer Lawrence.

Unknown said...

Go Jennifer. Welcome to the Cat Lovers world.

Chief Editor
Universal Cats

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