Thursday, February 14, 2013

Woman Cops To Cat Hair Eating Habit On "My Strange Addiction"

I Lick My Cat - My Strange Addiction

Last night saw the season premiere of TLC's "My Strange Addiction," the series that puts other people's odd, and sometimes dangerous dependencies on display.

The episode was particularly hard to swallow (no pun intended), as it featured a couple addicted to coffee enemas, and a woman with a compulsion for eating cat hair (I'm still trying to decide if this is better or worse than the lady addicted to eating cat food.)

You're gonna do what now?

Lisa, 43, lives in Detroit and has been indulging in her hairy habit for 15 years. It started as a way to feel closer to her pets, but became a full blown addiction two years ago when she adopted a new kitten. The cat needed surgery and wasn't grooming during recovery, so she stepped in as a surrogate cat mom. 

She admits that she eats hair she finds around her apartment, but claims that much like fresh fruit, it's best right from the source. Yes, Lisa straight up licks her cat, but avoids her butt and paws because they touch the litter box. 

The fur foodie eats three quarter-sized hairballs every day, which amounts to more than 3,200 since her addiction began. She repeatedly called the act of eating cat hair "relaxing" and "comforting", and describes the texture as being soft and puffy like cotton candy, while having a cotton ball taste that has less flavor than human hair.

Lisa's sister, Andromeda, is understandably troubled by her sibling's strange addiction, and confronts her about the possible health risks. She convinces her to see a doctor, who warns of long term side effects, including indigestion, bleeding, and ulcers. 

An x-ray of Lisa's stomach doesn't reveal any hairballs just yet, so the doctor tries to scare her straight by showing her a picture of a bezoar taken from the stomach of someone who ingested a large amount of hair for over a year. Lisa seems to be mortified by the image, but in the end decides she's not ready chuck her fluff habit.

"Nobody lives forever and we're all gonna die at some point," she says. "It's one of the most fulfilling things in my life, and I don't plan to give it up."



Marilia said...

Hahahah! Crazy Cat Ladies!

hmacross said...

Most of us cat ladies just use a damp washcloth to help our kitties groom.

Unknown said...

The "You're Gonna Do What Now" image literally made me LOL. Perfect reaction image to my thoughts on this addiction.

Anonymous said...

And people call ME a crazy cat lady when all I do is take my cat around town in a pet stroller...

katsrus said...

I can't watch that show. I would of been gagging on the cat hair one. LOL. Happy Valentine's Day.
Sue B

Sparkle said...

My human was totally grossed out by this! I don't see what the big deal is - I probably lick that much fur off myself daily too.

Bernadette said...

I'm still not sure how I feel about this...actually I'm thinking I don't want to think about it!

Unknown said...

I just don't get it. But, I am glad you did this post because I love that wide-eyed cat in the first photo.

nitegracee said...

I love this lady so much! I don't love what she does, it's not good for her, and I wouldn't do it, but I get her bonding thing with her beloved kitty. It's sensual for her, and her kitty is her lover,I get that. I hope she takes care of herself, and learns to love/bond with her beautiful kitty another way.
Cat people rock!

faithandmeow said...

OMG... I laughed, and then I .... hid my cat. Wow.

Anonymous said...

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