Monday, February 18, 2013

Well-Whiskered Felines Wear Business Catual

The Princess Bride

Neckwear has quickly become the fashion accessory of choice for well-dressed professional felines, and I can't help but think that Business Cat is partly to blame for the buttoned-up trend. But, even an online meme has to loosen up that necktie once in awhile, and that's where Business Catual comes in.

Dad's Ugly Chair

The Count Duckula

Becca and Josh run the feline formal wear collective, and describe their outfit as "one tom and a queen making some scratch while supporting animal welfare here in lovely Portland." Their goal is to use recycled materials that would have otherwise gone to waste, to create "pawsitively purrfect" accessories for cats, while also donating part of the proceeds to Cat Adoption Team.

The Original

The Old Cat Lady

The ties slide on to any collar through a loop on the back, and their quirky designs are just right for kitties who aren't ready to join the corporate rat race just yet. Choices range from oversized felted bowties that are more playful than professional, and fabric designs with hilarious names such as "Dad's Ugly Chair," "Mom's Kitchen Wallpaper," and "The Old Cat Lady."

The Pink Lady

Stop by Business Catual to save your cat the embarrassment of being sent home from work yet again for being underdressed, and they'll thank you in time by getting that two sardine raise you were both hoping for.



Bernadette said...

Giuseppe's been asking for a bowtie for the longest time to impress Mlle. Daisy, and I guess I'll have to get one together for him. I love "Dad's Ugly Chair"! My father was a big band musician and I have one of his old clip-ons from those days, a gold lame and black damask thing that matched his jacket. Wonder how Giuseppe would like that? But we'll have to check out Business Catual so we can get something really tacky so CAT gets a donation!

Marilia said...

Absolutely chics!

Unknown said...

Love those bow ties!

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