Monday, February 4, 2013

Oreo Artists Sculpt Cute Cat Out Of Crushed Cookies

Love da Oreo paw pads

Oreo made headlines last night for their quick thinking tweet during the Super Bowl blackout, but it was another social media campaign by the cookie makers that caught this cat lover's eye. 

After airing a commercial that took the cookie vs creme debate to extremes, the brand asked fans to choose sides by submitting a picture, along with their favorite part of the cookie. 20 artists armed with 928 boxes of Oreos were then charged with making sculptures out of some of the submitted pics, by only using cookies or creme. 

The first lucky recipient was @laurenmcwain, whose cute cat pic got the epic cookie treatment. Other custom cookie sculptures included a llama, Eiffel Tower, and shark, while creme creations include a chihuahua, turtle, and telephone.

Check out the gallery of amazing creations here, and submit your own picture for consideration by tagging it on Twitter or Instagram with #cookiethis or #cremethis. Picking an image to send is easy, but it's the cookie vs. creme part where I keep getting hung up.

Update! Oreo added even more cookies 'n' creme cat sculptures throughout the week:

Via @Oreo



Unknown said...

Ok, I'm hoping that they did not use the kitty for this. I really hope she's not under there! lol. Nice one.

Unknown said...

But it looks very close to her. I'm hoping it is photoshoped or something. Better be or else!

katsrus said...

Wow that is amazing. So are some of the others.
Sue B

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