Thursday, February 7, 2013

Crack A Smile For Pecan The Nut


At least one of our feline friends is still reeling from the loss of his beloved 49er's this weekend, but it's hard to stay glum when you're just so darn cute!

Pecan (aka "The nut") is a sports fanatic (he also cheered the SF Giants to a World Series win in October), who enjoys keeping fashionable while staying in touch with fans on his popular Facebook page

His human mama, Michelle, tells me that Pecan is a patient, treat-motivated feline, born in Carmel Valley, California. He was adopted from a cat rescue the day after Thanksgiving about seven years ago, and was named after the pie served on turkey day!

In addition to being quite handsome, the former rescue kitty turned fashion chameleon also has a charitable side. His sold out 2013 desk calendar raised $550 for Humane Society Silicon Valley, proving once and for all that being cute pays!

Become a fan of Pecan on Facebook to follow his latest status updates, photos and shenanigans. Word on the street is that he hopes to have some Valentine's Day-themed pics up soon!



Georgia said...

He is so photogenic! I love his "friend me" bib.

Marilia said...

Wow! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting pecan's pics on your blog. i love the nut!!

katsrus said...

He is made for photos. How cute. I liked his FB page. We have a "Cashew" nut in our house. He's silly.
Sue B

biggie55 said...

What a cutie pie

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