Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Venus, The Two-Faced Kitty Makes Her Debut on The Today Show

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As is becoming a rite of passage for all felines who find sudden internet fame (See also: Willow and Lil Bub), Venus the Chimera Cat, who shot to notoriety last week after her pictures went viral online, traveled to NYC to make her national television debut.

The Florida native's first stop was The Today Show with her paw-rents Christina and Chris, where she mugged for the cameras as they discussed how she came into their lives, and proved once and for all that she is a real kitty.

Christina says that Venus has not been DNA tested, but vets who have seen her believe her to be a chimera cat, while others argue her unique appearance is caused by X-inactivation with heterochromia (Today Show host Savannah Guthrie clarifies: "Technical term is, she's cute!")

Prior to the appearance, Venus provided the following update to her growing swell of Facebook fans:

Ok fans.... Here's the announcement! We are in this city called the Big Apple! Mommy & Daddy will be on this neat show with me tomorrow morning (Wednesday) called "The Today Show"!!! They called Ms. Donna at TransMedia (along with some other big shows) and really wanted to meet me so we decided to let them be the first to interview me on live TV. Mommy was very careful to monitor if I was scared on the plane and I wasn't. I was so comfy in my carrier & calm the whole way AND was even recognized by someone who had seen me on the internet while waiting in the security line at the airport and got attention even before we got on the plane. I had a great flight and the people on the plane were even surprised that I was in such good spirits and not scared at all. I was even purring....Time to prove once and for all to ALL of the skeptics that STILL think I'm photoshopped or dyed that I am in fact 100% nature made....he he! I think Mommy & Daddy are more nervous than me! Love, Venus :)



Anonymous said...

She's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

Georgia said...

The wonders of nature! Venus was great on the TV show, very calm.

Katie Isabella said...

How I wish I had known and seen her.

Catsparella said...

@Katie Isabella You can watch the video clip at the top of the post! :)

Colehaus Cats said...

A new star is born! Venus, you were great on TV today.

Purrs from your fans,
Seth, Maxx, Miss Newton, Tessa & Pia Bean

meowmeowmans said...

Venus is so cool, calm and collected. And beautiful!

Your Daily Cute said...

Venus is just so unique and adorable!


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