Thursday, August 30, 2012

Exclusive Fancy Feast Cat Birthday Party Kit Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to everyone who shared their wonderful cat stories with me as part of the Fancy Feast Cat Birthday Party Kit Giveaway!

I used to determine the 10 lucky winners:

#82 Rachel - I love kitties, I have 4, and the funny thing is all their birthdays are in March. March 2, 3, 23, and 28.

#195 Michelle - Hi I would like to enter your Fancy Feast Cat Birthday Kit Giveaway Thanks

#15 Rachel - Omg, this would be amazing to win.

#239 Kayla - So cute my cat's birthday is 05/04

#202 Jenae - So Purrfect! My cat's name is Ella and her 3rd birthday is on Sept. 28th :). I rescued her out of someones shed and we had been best friends ever since. My cat loves fancy feast <3

#274 ntrsu01 - My twin tabbies, Miss Maimie and Miss Emily, are having their 15th birthday this year! A party with friends and family is definitely in the planning.

#233 Patricia - My Sadie Belle's sixth birthday is coming up on September 3rd. Not only do I celebrate her birthday on this day I celebrate her shelter adoption day which is on October 19th. (2006) Each year I throw a little party for her with a cake, a dress, matching party hat and 2 special gifts. I have a picture of her first birthday at work on my desk that gets a lot of attention. Everyone calls me crazy cat lady.

#317 Judith - Awesome party kit. I would love to throw a Fancy Feast Cat Birthday Party. Thank-you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

#12 Stella - Woot! Cat party!

#123 Nikki - Kiko kitty's 1st birthday is coming up soon !! ^_^ <3

Thanks again to all who entered, and be sure to like Fancy Feast on Facebook for all of their latest updates and offers!



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