Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Hanes Commercial Claims That Their Shirts Are Softer Than Kittens

Hanes has created a surefire viral hit with their latest commercial for ComfortBlend tees and underwear, which they claim are their softest ones yet. To help illustrate this point, a man wearing a cozy (yet obviously digitally enhanced) kitten tee, debates the finer points of Hanes shirts vs. kitten shirts with some friends, one of whom just happens to be Michael Jordan (oh, so that's what he's been up to lately?).

I don't know how the softness of cotton clothing could ever compare to the heavenly texture of a kitten's fluffy fur (or the eternal feeling of well-being and happiness that being luxuriously covered in baby cats would bring), but admittedly, the option *might* be preferable to constantly cleaning up all that cat hair, and incessantly worrying if any of them had to poop!

Thanks for the tip, Marsha!




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