Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Caturday!

Welcome back for another edition of Caturday, where we catch up on the week's latest cat news, and get to meet some of your amazing kitties!

This week, a cat pushing a little cart went nowhere fast, a cat friendly tunnel sofa threatened cuddletime everywhere, internet sensation Lil Bub made her national television debut, Seattle Children's Hospital created a "Cat Immersion Project" for a young cancer patient, Professor Meowingtons designed a pair of cat headphones to benefit the ASPCA, a black kitty named AC channeled classic monsters in the 2013 Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar, and Around the World in 80 Cats made a stop in London, to discover some cool kitty sites located in the current Olympic city.

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This week's featured feline has a super sweet gotcha story that matches her dessert-inspired name!

Laurie writes:

All four of my “Girls” are special, but “Cheesecake” takes the prize. In all my years having cats, I have wanted a lap cat most of all! Well, I got just what I wished for July 30, 2010. I joked with my husband that when we adopted a new kitty I was going to call her “Cheesecake” after my favorite dessert! This is Cheesecake's Gotcha Story!

I had been temporarily laid off from my job working in wine sales and was suffering badly from depression. At least twice a day I would check Craigslist for local free to good home. On one of the checks I came across an ad placed by our local shelter. “Free adult cats one year or older and free Beagles.” I asked my husband to go the shelter and he told me if I wanted another cat I was going in to pick her out. He had picked out of last cat without me for I couldn’t bear to go in the shelter with him! So, my desire for another cat took over and in I went.

The first and only cat I looked at was a shy, three year old Siamese/Tortie girl who was scared to death huddled in the back of her cage. A lady from a Siamese rescue was keeping an eye on her, but couldn’t take her due to limited space. She told me she was sweet and shy, but would make a great pet. I picked her up and it was love at first sight! Well, after getting her home she got kennel cough and almost died. Two trips to the vet, a week of not eating, and $150 later she made a rapid turnaround!

Today, Cheesecake is my constant companion and lap cat extraordinaire! She is unique for she doesn’t meow, she has a very soft purr that is almost impossible to hear and she has turned her nose up to every can of wet food I have put down for her! But she loves cream cheese and bits of sweets and of course her kibble!
Her quirky nature makes her a purrfect fit for our family!

Special thanks to Laurie for sharing beautiful Cheesecake's gotcha story with us this week! There's nothing like reading about when a sweet, deserving kitty finds their purrfect forever home match!

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This week:

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Minakitty said...

Pretty girl! She is very unique if she doesn't meow. We have two half Siamese and a tortie who have plenty to say. :)

MaryMatthews said...

What a special kitty! Hope Cheesecake and the rest of your family have many sweet years together:)

Marilia said...

We´re so sad about Aimée.
Thanks to the sweet words.
Hugs, Marilia


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