Thursday, August 2, 2012

Seattle Children's Hospital Creates "Cat Immersion Project" For Teen Cancer Patient

Teen cancer patient Maga has been missing her cat, Merry, while she's been in the hospital for treatment, so the staff at Seattle Children's decided to surprise her with an innovative project that would bring all of the cats in the world to her, without having to leave the comfort of her bed.

On July 19th, the hospital posted a message on their Facebook page asking fans to submit their favorite kitty pictures, which thousands of cat lovers (including many of you!), happily shared. Their request garnered an impressive 3,000 responses by the July 25th deadline, and as promised, the hospital turned the photos into a "Cat Immersion Project."

The thousands of adorable images were projected on a tent made of sheets that surrounded Maga's bed, while a soothing soundtrack of purrs played in the background. In the video, the young patient can be seen reaching up to touch many of the virtual furry faces, as she provides charming commentary throughout.

"Is that possible? Because I would like that to be possible," she says earnestly of a popular online image featuring a bulldog caught in a compromising position with a cat. "I feel like if you don't like cats, you would like them after this."

It's heartwrenching to think of Maga being sick in the hospital and also having the stress of being separated from her cat, yet inspiring to see how the simple gesture of sharing a picture can bring so much joy and hope. Hopefully, other hospitals will follow suit with similar projects, that prove how a creative idea and a shared Facebook post can lead to amazing things.

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Jenna said...

This is the sweetest video ever. I work for a children's hospital (the legal dept of a hospital) and just yesterday someone at work shared a video that was also done at Seattle Children's Hospital. One of our attorney's used it in a presentation. It had me in tears much like this sweet. The children and staff of the hospital did their own music video to Kelly Clarkson's Stronger! Here's a link if you want to see it!

Maggie @ Shelter Cats said...

What a heart warming video. The cat tent and the sound of purring would lower anyone's blood pressure. Hope Maga is doing well.

Catsparella said...

@Jenna Awesome, thanks for sharing!!

@Maggie I agree - that would make great therapy for anyone!!

meowmeowmans said...

This is SO awesome. We sent Moosey and Sammy's pictures in, and are glad we could play even a tiny part in making Maga's day.

Unknown said...

What great purring! The owner of that purr is a feline "Purr-varotti". I hope Maga is doing well!

The Island Cats said...

This is so cool! We we're glad we got to participate by posting our pictures!!

cgrcry said...

if a computer can be accessed, there is a wonderful 24/7 ustream cam full of kitties and good chatters :) said...

Oh gosh, it makes me so happy to see that she enjoyed it so much. We sent a couple of photos of Tuny and Gordo her way!

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