Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cat Tunnel Sofa Delights Cats, Deprives Owners of Cuddles

We've already seen a giant couch designed to look like a cat, and now Korean designer Seungji Mun has raised the stakes by creating a cat-friendly sofa that allows you and your kitty to lounge together in purrfect harmony.

"We would like to use ‘the furniture’ as a tool to share emotions and feelings with pets," Mun writes on his blog. "This Cat Tunnel Sofa is to communicate and share feelings with a cat."

The need to create shared spaces between humans and animals has increased as pets continue to become beloved companions and members of the family. Mun says that 10 million people in Korea are currently living with pets.

While the super cool couch was clearly designed with a cat's happiness in mind, I have to wonder about owner's. While my cats would surely enjoy an extra hidey hole around the house (and it would be a great space saver), I fear that the allure of the hamster-like tunnels would put an end to couch cuddling for good.

Mun says the sofa was designed after analyzing and observing cat habits and behaviors, along with research and expert input.

The prototype is not currently available for sale, but you can check out a more detailed look at what went into creating the sofa here.



T said...

as always you make a VERY good point!

Anonymous said...

i believe this would allow for more surprise attacks from ninja kitties, or small dogs...and provide a lovely opening for small children to trap their little heads in

Anonymous said...

where do you buy it???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Unknown said...

GREAT idea:)

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