Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Choupette Gets Kissed by Daddy Karl in New Cat Cam Clip for Net-a-Porter

Just when I thought a whole week might go by without a new piece of Choupette news to report, fashion's latest it girl (or it cat, as it were) has gone and found herself yet another medium to enchant us with.

The blue-eyed Birman makes her long awaited YouTube debut in a behind-the-scenes video to help promote the Karl for Karl Lagerfeld collection for Net-a-Porter. The clip, which is shot from a cat's point of view (although there's no way I believe they strapped a camera on Choupette and let her wander around an open set where she could get lost or catnapped), ends with Lagerfeld planting a sweet smooch on the bemused kitty's cheek.

Recent reports suggest that Lagerfeld's love for the cat runs so deep, he's even taken to signing texts, "Your Choupette," to make it seem as if she were responding to messages on his behalf. While the designer's ailurophilia seems genuine, only time will tell if his newly discovered feline fixation will translate into a cat-inspired clothing collection in the future.



Katie Isabella said...

Oh how beautiful she is and I would love to get something from her..or her daddy. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have a new found love for Choupette's daddy. Who knew he was such a cat lover? You go, Choupette!


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