Friday, July 20, 2012

Tati Ferrigno's Cats Just Want To Have Fun

Brazilian artist Tati Ferrigno is a rising star in the field of digital art, illustration, and character design. In addition to her international advertising work for brands like Miller and Halls, Ferrigno's signature style is her edgy, tattooed pin-up girls who often share a love for all things cute. I had a hunch that the gorgeous, golden-eyed kitties that appear in some of her pieces could only be the work of a true feline fanatic, and in an email exchange between the two of us she confirmed: "I'm crazy about cats!"

Stop by Tati's website, Behance, and Flickr pages to check out more of her impressive portfolio!



Jenna said...

LOVE these!!

Krooko said...

I discovered him thanks to Behance. It's just wonderful ! * *

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