Monday, July 23, 2012

Special Needs Cat Reunited With Owner After Surviving St. Louis Apartment Blaze

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Need more proof that black cats are lucky?

Elizabeth Schmidt was optimistic that her black kitty, Satin, had survived the devastating fire that ripped through her St. Louis apartment complex last Tuesday night. The special needs cat, who has one eye and was rescued after being abused and neglected, was reunited with her owner four days after the blaze, at a temporary shelter set up by the Humane Society of Missouri.

Cameras were on hand to capture the joyful reunion, as Schmidt happily greeted Satin with a squeal of, “Ooooh, my lovebug! Hi angel!”

Miraculously, there were no human fatalities reported in the massive fire, but a memorial has been set up outside of the Central West End building for the pets who lost their lives. “We do have a couple of reports, that aren’t confirmed that there may still be some animals in the building, some cats, specifically,” Humane Society Animal Cruelty Officer Tim Poorman told Fox2Now. 10 pets were found alive inside the remains of the building the morning after the fire, while officials say others were able to escape on their own.

The Humane Society of Missouri sent its Disaster Response Team to the scene, and offered emergency sheltering for any displaced pets. According to their site, a majority of the rescued animals have already been claimed by their families, although they are still welcoming donations to their Emergency Response Fund so they can continue offering these services to animals and people when they need them the most.

As for Elizabeth Schmidt, she may have lost her home, but she is still focused on what is most important in life.

“She’s everything. She’s the reason why I am a doctor," Schmidt says of Satin. "I couldn’t have made it through residency without her.”



Cat said...

I love a happy ending!!!

T said...

wow, it's so beautiful when she says she couldn't have made it through residency w/o her. awawawawa. so cute when she's like "your not smokey"! LOL

starification said...

It really touches my heart to see relationships like this form between humans and animals.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh, I've got something in my eye, must be some dust or something, sniff.

-- Megan

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