Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Japanese Cat Travel Commercials Are Adorable In Any Language

Nothing quite tickles me more than the way that the Japanese embrace cats as part of their culture, and one of my favorite examples of this is in a commercial depicting a cat business trip. In it, an orange and white tabby wearing a pair of glasses and a bow-tie hops the bullet train, before checking into a hotel for a business meeting.

The cat in the commercial is NyaRan, and he is the spokescat for Jalan, the travel booking arm of Recruit Co., Ltd., a classified advertisement, publication, and human resources company in Japan.

NyaRan has popped up in dozens of commercials for Jalan, illustrating how easily their services lead to awesomely adorable trips. After recently encountering another ad where the talented feline actor karate chops a watermelon in half with his bare paws (thanks to Twitter pal Lisa C. for the tip!), I decided it was high time to have someone translate a few of my favorites. As predicted, even a translation doesn't fully explain exactly what is happening on that beach, but in any language, it's still super cute.

I am NyaRan.
I am on a Business Trip.
I will sell like crazy!
[NyaRan's Paw Steamed Bun]
[Revnue increase] - the red text
Business trip hotel reservations too
[Business trip hotel reservations too]
[Encounter something new]

I am NyaRan.
[Trip around Japan]
Summer is...
Vacationing with Friends!!!
[Overnight] *Sleepover-works as well
[Overnight Reservations
JyaRan [Search]]
(Song - Ran ran jyaran~)
[Encounter something new]

I am NyaRan.
This Summer..
-I'm traveling with my teacher!
Overnight. Overnight
Fancy-! Fancy-!
Ta-Ma-Ne-!! (A Japanese phrase people say when the fireworks go up)
[This Summer's trip too at]
JyaRan [Search]]
(Song - Ran ran jyaran~)
[Encounter something new]

[JyaRan Pack]
This is??
[Pack Pack JyaRan Pack]
[Flexible and Affordable JyaRan Pack]
(Reservation Confirmed)
[The name is just ordinary super hero]
[Travel fee and Hotels, combined value]
[JyaRan Pack]
[JyaRan Pack [Search]]
[Encounter something new]

Commercial 2:
I am NyaRan
This year I am going to fly the world!
[New York] Hello-!
[Seoul] Annyeonghaseyo-!
[Paris] Comment allez-vous-!
[Piza] It is tilted.
[Reservations at 180 countries of the world]
Reservations for World Hotels at
Overseas too at JyaRan
[Encounter something new]



Cherry City Kitties said...

Love these! Kitties make the best spokes persons. Wonder if LOL'z Business cat needs to make a reservation anywhere...

Clarissa said...

Oh My Cod!!! We love these commercials!!! They are so cute!!!

(: said...

They're all cute as hell!!!! Ahhhhh!!

Lolcat Lisa said...

It's Business Cat-san!

Anonymous said...

so cute! all commercials are better with cats!

GreatSheElephant said...

NyaRan San appears to be a Manx. Unusual.

Anonymous said...

GreatSheElephant, He is a Japanese Bobtail. A breed much like the Manx.

Anonymous said...

looks like my turkish van

Unknown said...

My life is now complete!!!

Prudence said...



Love these!!

松井慎太郎 said...

I like the old Japanese commercial that featured a Cat / Neko scratching a shoji screen. It was adorable.

lizabaker said...

Awwww. The cat is so cute! When I get to have my Japan Tour, will I get to see her?

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