Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pretty Your Paws with The Love Cats Jewelry Collection by Meadowlark

New Zealand-based jewelry designers Meadowlark have earned a cult following for their dark, edgy designs, and their latest collection, The Love Cats, follows suit, recalling imagery from a triptych of mystical elements.

From their website's description of the collection:

"Drawing inspiration from immediate surrounds, Meadowlark have elevated everyday elements from their home. Three diverse motifs dovetail beautifully into this range, evolving an ongoing love for symbols of power and mystery. The Peony, A celebration of Spring, prosperity and peace. Crossed nails, a symbol of binding and making, jewellery made of nails was historically worn as pagan protection against mischievous magic, to ward off sickness and draw luck to the wearer. Completing the triptych, the Cat story is the boldest of the three. This stoic and silent guardian of the home also represents transformation, opportunity and freedom."

Being a notorious lover of cat feetsies, I'm besotted by the entire line, especially the paw stud earrings, and the chunky cat paw cocktail ring, featuring a delicate set of kitty claws clutching at a pyramid shaped rose quartz.

The Love Cats Summer 2012/13 Collection is available for pre-order for your favorite cat blogger now through the Meadowlark online shop.



lizz said...

all of this is perfect :3

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Jewelries, love it!!! esp. the rings! (mmh, good for MARRIAGE- must show my boyfreind *giggling*) I´ve got a cheap ring with cat-face, got it when I was a child, wearing it every day since then... *in memoriam my dead Cat I loved more than everyone else in my life*
ChiefBunney *peck*

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