Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Location: Hello Kitty x Yogurtland 2012

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After last year's successful run, Hello Kitty has once again decided to spend her summer vacation at Yogurtland, where she will be dishing out limited edition cups, spoons, and merchandise that will have fans of the iconic cat eating way more froyo than usual.

The limited-time collaboration hit participating Yogurtland stores today, and being the diehard Hello Kitty fan I am, I shouldered the tough task of eating frozen yogurt for lunch in order to bring you some of the first images from the launch. Much like last year, the store had small Sanrio-themed signs around suggesting the characters' favorite flavors, and cups and spoons featuring Hello Kitty and her pals looking adorable.

The merchandise selection by the counter was equally cute, and I saw several people pick up the Hello Kitty plush doll ($13.50) while I was there. Other offerings included a button set ($4.99), keychains ($3.99), reusable totes ($2.50), and a coin purse/gift card case ($2.50).

Yogurtland plans to roll out additional cups and spoons throughout the summer, including TuxedoSam (the other penguin), Little Twin Stars, and Badtz-Maru (you can find the exact release dates here). The Sanrio-themed items will be available at participating Yogurtland locations starting today, and are expected to remain in stores throughout Labor Day weekend.



Julia Williams said...

Oh My Cat, I wish we had Yogurtland here!!

Deaners mum staff said...

We don't have one either, have to live vicariously. No t-shirts?

Catsparella said...

@Julia I lucked out! There are only two in NJ, and one is 25 minutes away, which wasn't too bad..

@Deaners mum staff They had shirts last year, but it looks like they did away with them this time around. I didn't see any!

Donna said...

This is cruel fate-I was only 30 minutes from one of the NJ locations for 10 years. I moved in December. Now I am more than an hour away! Nuts!

penne.a.la.maggie said...

Oh my goodness....I only wished I lived close to one of those locations....Looks like the kitties and I will have to create our own rendition.

animalprayer said...

yummm and adorable

My Cat Boys said...

Thanks for giving us the scoop! (har har)

Catsparella said...

@Donna Ohh nooo :( That stinks, I'm sorry! Were you near the Hamilton one, or Ocean City? (I was in Hamilton)


I love all of this!! Hello kitty love!! Australia needs a yogurt land

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