Monday, July 16, 2012

Around The World In 80 Cats #19: Alaska

Every day at 4 p.m., the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska can be found at Nagley's store sipping out of a wine glass that has been sprinkled with catnip.

This may seem like a bit of an odd ritual for an elected official, but the politician in question has a very good explanation for his peculiar habit: he's a cat!

Mayor Stubbs, so named because of his short tail, has held office in Talkeetna for the past fifteen years. He was jokingly elected through a write-in ballot, and hasn't left the post ever since. The political fat cat makes his headquarters at Nagley's, where local tour guides get their kicks by tricking visitors into asking to meet with the four-legged mayor.

Stubbs' popularity extends beyond the 900 residents of the small Alaskan town. He regularly receives fan mail, and even has a Facebook page dedicated to his pursuits. The ginger cat has held the prestigious position since he was a kitten, and many believe he's the best mayor the town has ever had. Resident Skye Farrar tells KTUU: "He's not judgmental at all, he loves everybody," and "I'm very confident that Talkeena will be A-OK, as long as we have Stubbs around."



Marilia said...

Long life to Mayor Stubbs!!

Anonymous said...

I seriously cannot deal with how great Stubbs is. Obviously ALL towns should have cat mayors now.

-- Megan

Deaner Beaner said...

"Mayor Stubbs has reached the limited number of pending friend requests"---mol

Catsparella said...

@Deaner Beaner LOL!! He needs to make a fan page, stat!!

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