Monday, May 21, 2012

Natural Cat Themed Bath And Body Goodies By Meow Meow Tweet

Brooklyn-based duo Meow Meow Tweet create vegan soap and body products handcrafted from natural and organic ingredients, that come in eco-friendly packaging featuring precious designs inspired by their own cats and the city they live in.

Treat yourself by sudsing up with one of their liquid or bar soaps, or smooth your paws with some moisturizing cocoa skin cream - just remember to think twice before kissing your cat after slathering on the vegan kitty lip balm, unless you don't mind ending up with a lipful of loose fur!



Katie Isabella said...

Oh how cool these are. Mom? Want some?

Anonymous said...

Mom,Mom...I have the card...what do you want??? Father's Day is coming up and we could get you something, give it to Dad..he won't like it and he will give it to you...meow

GLOGIRLY said...

haha! LOVE the packaging!!!
; ) Katie & Glogirly

Anne from said...

They look very tempting - and I like that they're vegan. I wonder if they have catnip in them ;)

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