Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Talkative Tabby Tries To Ease His Human's Heartbreak In "Drunk" Music Video

Gawker writer Rich Juzwiak recently wrote a deeply personal piece on what happens when you end a relationship and not only lose your partner, but also lose your cats at the same time. On the flip side, in the video for the song "Drunk" by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, we get to see what happens when the one who is left behind is forced to seek refuge from their heartbreak in the non-judgmental and always comforting arms paws of their cat.

In the clip (which I'm describing as depressing, but is actually quite humorous), an increasingly inebriated Sheeran is flooded with memories of his failed relationship. The only thing that seems to rouse him from his stupor is a talkative, video-game playing tabby, who speaks to him through subtitles, and leads him out on the town for a night of debauchery that includes a trip to the pub and a raucous house party (just try not to laugh when he grabs for his keys and phone before heading out the door).

For those who haven't heard of Ed Sheeran yet, it probably won't be for long. The 21-year-old newcomer's debut studio album "+" (which features the "Drunk" single) was released in the UK last year, and is set to arrive in the states on June 12.

Thanks to Tyler Atnip-Woodworth for the tip!



Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

Ummm... just who says cats don't talk? I'm a cat... and I've got a blog!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Cute kitty and good song, but just the hypercritical catmom in me, but wish they hadn't felt like they had to include the cat drinking, too. I just feel like that isn't an idea or image one should encourage, knowing how cats are so sensitive to chemicals, drugs and yes alcohol, too.

enigmachine said...

You wouldn't take a cat to a club or expect it to do such things as would require opposable thumbs, so it's expected that the viewer would realise not to let a cat drink.

The sort of person who would let a cat drink is the sort who probably believes that cats can open cans themselves and is, therefore, beyond saving / influence (positively or negatively) anyway.

On the subject of the video...

I'd love a cat like Ed's tabby (as featured in the video)!

We know that cats can't talk.

They don't need to be able to speak, to say things, though!

Katie Isabella said...

I talk..alla times. xoxox

Anonymous said...

Hiya...'course cats talk! Aren't ya listening??? Seriously?!

nitegracee said...

You're all worried about the beer. Ed didn't really give kitty beer!
......What about kitty jumping on the stove??!! Oh-M-G!

Dear Ed, you must stop that darling kitteh from jumping up there!
Oh, I like the song, the video, and I thank you for rescuing the sweet chatty boy!

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