Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Glee" Star Chris Colfer Adopts An 8-Year-Old Shelter Cat Named Brian

Colfer shared a picture of his new roommate, Brian

Lea Michele and Jane Lynch aren't the only "Glee" cast members with a soft spot in their hearts for kitties. Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel on the musical series, took to Twitter yesterday to announce his latest project: Welcoming a shelter cat named Brian into his home.

Chris tweeted: "I adopted a cat today from the West Valley Animal Shelter! His name is Brian, he's 8 years-old and 20 pounds!" Hoping to encourage others to do the same, he continued, "It was heartbreaking to see so many sweet animals needing homes. Please think about rescuing!"

When fan @tracy_mom220 asked, "why did u name it Brian? We are all curious!" the congenial star responded, "That was his name, I would have named him Freud or Poker."

Colfer also made it clear that his relationship with the handsome tabby is more friendly than familial. When another follower congratulated him on being a proud papa, the 21-year-old actor quipped back, "Oh no! He's a roommate, I'm too young to be a Daddy."

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Cristian said...

Really happy to hear he's helping promote rescue kitties. Two thumbs up.

Amy Orvin said...

That's so awesome. Made my day. What a cute kitty!

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