Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Anderson Cooper Never Met A Swimming Cat He Didn't Like

Today's episode of Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show hosted a decidedly mixed cast characters, ranging from "Dancing with the Stars" cast-off Jack Wagner and his long-lost daughter, to "Extreme Pet Owners" who take pleasure in dying their pups green. The hour long spectacle also featured Henry the lizard lover, Beyonce the world's tiniest puppy, and "Must Love Cats" star John Fulton, who introduced the baffled host to San Francisco-based designer Flora Davis' line of cat hair jewelry, and to a Persian kitty who likes getting his paws wet.

Mary Ellen taught her 8-year-old cat Nymbus how to swim because she was concerned he would fall in her family's large backyard pool, and wanted him to be prepared. Veterinarian and pet care expert Marty Becker was also on hand to give his thoughts on the unusual practice, and concluded that while swimming is not suitable for all pets, it can be a great form of exercise as long as its done under supervision.

While Nybmus doesn't look like he's ready for the Cat-lympics just yet, I'm not throwing any shade his way. For all of the doggy-paddling going on, this cat can still swim better than me.

Check out another clip of Mary Ellen explaining how she taught Nymbus how to swim here.



Unknown said...

As soon as I got my new davey pool pumps I will enroll my cat to a swimming lesson too. I just don’t know if it will be safe for my cat so I will have her checked by a veterinarian first.

Unknown said...

This is funny. They better put on some pool gates tampa so that they won't expect any uninvited visitors. Lol

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