Monday, April 23, 2012

Politically Minded Kitten Draws Inspiration From Hank The Senate Cat


Hank, the 9-year-old Maine Coon from Virginia who has taken the media by storm with his current bid for United States Senate, has now inspired a young Russian cat with political ambitions of his very own.

Bublik, a 3-month-old kitten from Yekaterinburg who was named after "a traditional Russian snack that resembles a bagel but tastes more like a cracker," recently threw his tiny hat into the political arena by creating a Facebook page to launch his career. The future fat cat's press secretary, Ivan Kolotovkin, wouldn't divulge the feline's political leanings to The Moscow Times, but did reveal the kitten's youthful slogan to be "For a Fun Future!"

Kolotovkin also tells the paper that Bublik intends to extend a paw of support to Hank within the next week in a show of solidarity with his seasoned American counterpart, saying: "If Hank the cat takes the U.S. Senate seat, cats between different countries could collaborate in productive ways."

Human politicians, take note!

Via The Moscow Times (Thanks for the tip, Betsy!)
Image credits: Facebook



Anonymous said...

Good luck Bublik, I look forward to closer connections between Russia and the USA! Cats Unite Globally!!

=^..^= said...

How could a cutie like you not take over the world?!!!

~Slash & Bronzy

Mary said...

That's awsome! cats rules...good luck Bubliik, cross my paws....from the US..

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