Thursday, April 12, 2012

Around The World In 80 Cats #7: Croatia

Cat caught napping in a fisherman's net

This week we head to Croatia, where once again I am amazed by the overwhelming quantity and quality of beautiful photographs featuring cats.

The country has a large feral population that you're likely to encounter in your travels - from the strays of Luza Square who reportedly beg for their supper every night in front of the local cafes, to the robust looking ginger tabby who can be found basking in the attention he receives while holding court in front of The Rector's Palace in the coastal city of Dubrovnik.

Meet the wharf cats

Kitten on sleeping cat in Old City of Dubrovnik

"In all of the Dalmatian Coast, we saw cats running free -- must be all that great fish. Someone made a little home for these cats in the Dubrovnik city wall."

Sipan Cat

Snoozing outside the Rector's Palace

Dubrovnik Street Cat

In Croatia, cats and pigeons get along (and go to church together)

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Cristian said...

Awww, lovely cats and gorgeous photographs.

Feral cats are some of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen. It's sad that their life expectancy is so short. :(

Makes me want to adopt another cat - specifically a feral one. We have four cats, and two of them are former alley cats. They do have a special "fire" to them if you will, and I love that about them.

JA said...

These are beautiful photos! I second Cristian's sentiments - I love seeing the cats but wish they had homes and regular care. If I ever start traveling I'm afraid I'll be bribing public officials the world over to let me bring cats home.

MaryMatthews said...

LOVE the cats of Croatia ...especially Dubrovnik. Fabulous photo of cats and pigeons!

Julie said...

I love taking photos of kitties when we travel. Glad to see that other people do, too. Nice post!

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