Monday, April 16, 2012

Cee Lo's Purrfect Cat Reveals All In Her Furry First On-Camera Interview

Purrfect getting real with the other Xtina

Purrfect the cat, Cee Lo Green's right hand kitty on "The Voice," recently sat down for her very first on-camera interview with the show's social media correspondent, Christina Milian.

The long haired beauty, who recently stirred up controversy amid allegations that she is nothing more than a rental, kept the subject matter light and lol-speaky as she chatted with Milian on topics ranging from Twitter fans, to breakfast preferences (the discriminating kitty dines on "Tuna and meowmosas").

Last month, E! News reported that the striking Persian whom Cee Lo strokes throughout his judging duties on the NBC talent competition show does not actually belong to the singer, who admits that his schedule is too busy to accommodate a pet. Sources told E! that "Purrfect is a rented cat that happens to be a rescue. Cee Lo liked the idea of working with a rescue as he loves animals."

Purrfect, who lives with animal trainer Benay Karp, earns an unconfirmed $350 a day for her services, along with an additional $45 an hour for her trainers. Inquiring minds may wonder what a cat is going to do with that kind of cash, but reports say that the money is being put towards her long-term care and "maintaining her lifestyle" once she retires from show business.

Click here to check out the full video of Christina's exclusive interview with Purrfect the Cat on Facebook.



Romeo the Cat said...

I love PURRFECT the Cat! She looks so beautiful like an angel!

Catsparella said...

@Romeo You two would make a furrbulous couple!!

Anne from said...

Talk about Star Quality! She's amazing - I hope she can retire soon and in style!

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