Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Before You Die You See...Hello Kitty? Famous Cat Collaborates On Newest "Ring" Film

Forget apples and flowers and her usually upbeat fare: Hello Kitty is about to get super creepy in honor of the release of the latest movie in the popular "Ring" horror film franchise.

Originally released in Japan in 1998, "The Ring" was remade for American audiences into a 2002 film starring Naomi Watts trying to find the origins of a cursed video tape that guarantees your swift death seven days after watching it (I guess these days it would be a Blu-Ray or DVD?) The centerpiece of the film is a vengeful spirit named Sadako (or Samara Morgan in the U.S. version), who you definitely don't want to see crawling out of your television before she exacts a certain death.

The latest 3D installment of the series finds Sadako resurrected at a high school where an online video of student's suicide leads to a rash of questionable copycat deaths. To help mark her return, Sanrio has decided to give the character a kawaii makeover, by accentuating her ominous sheet of black hair with Hello Kitty's signature pink bows. This is right up there with the Hello Kitty x Hooters collaboration in terms of weirdness, but as long they don't decide to have a "Nightmare on Elm Street" x Helly Kitty partnership, we're gonna be just fine (Freddy gives me nightmares).

The Hello Kitty branded items will be sold in theaters and available online when "Sadako 3D" is released in Japan next month.



Anonymous said...

What? She Actually Looks Pretty!

Anonymous said...

She Atually Does

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