Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Craftacular Kitty Finds Featuring: Life With Tigers, Noosed Kitty, and Abby Berkson Ceramics

This weekend after Ann and I hit up the PawNation party, we hop, skipped, and jumped it over to SoHo for the Bust Magazine Spring Craftacular (actually, I was wearing new shoes and had to stop to put on a band-aid, so maybe I wasn't skipping as much as limping).

The annual craft show and food fair hosted by the ladymag is probably best described as Etsy come to life, chock full of cool handmade offerings like Lil' Kim paper dolls, homemade gourmet marshmallows, and lots and lots of jewelry. Naturally, I had my eyes open for any particularly catty-themed booths, and found just what I was looking for in three sellers who were representing for the kitties.

Life With Tigers: Karen Brazell values the animals, people and ideas that inspire her daily at her design studio in Brooklyn, New York.
Check out her shop for: Beautifully illustrated pet care PSA prints by Ink & Sword and severed leg catnip toys

Noosed Kitty: Jamie Fales has two cats, but insisted to me that that they don't inspire her quirky feline creations.
Check out her shop for: Prints, t-shirts, buttons, and more featuring her merry crew of kitty misfits.

Abby Berkson Ceramics: Berkson's delicate designs are even cuter in person, and feature a wide array of cuddly creatures not just limited to cats.
Check out her shop for: Mugs, bowls, and custom gifts hand painted with her unique animal-inspired designs.



Kendy P said...

I bought a bunch of stuff from Life with Tigers when they did Renegade in SF last year!

starification said...

Aw, I love the coffee mugs :D

Vickie said...

I have become such a tiger picture fan. My grandma recently passed away and she used to have a pic of a tiger mom holding a tiger cub hanging in her living room; said it was great how moms took care of their young. Now I am tiger obsessed!

Karen @ Life with Tigers said...

Thank you Stephanie! It was a pleasure meeting you. I am hoping to make some more awesome kitty stuff for this summer, so stay tuned! :-D

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