Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chicago Public Radio Station Courts Donations Through Cat Videos

WBEZ, home of mah favorite radio program, This American Life, is trying to ca$h in on the cute cat trend with adorkable kitties taking the place of Paula Poundstone and Peter Sagal in a lightening round of the news trivia show, Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me. The Chicago public radio station is hoping that the cats, who spend a better part of the 50 second segment licking and nuzzling their glittery mics, will help boost donations to their latest fundraising campaign. The tactic appears to be working, at least according to one YouTube commenter, who writes: "I'm only donating because you made a cat video."

Next up: Might I suggest a glasses-clad kitty vid, voiced by TAL host Ira Glass?



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