Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kitty Twitty Turns Any Cat Into A Social Media Expert

Chester is on his way to becoming a social media manager!

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga better watch their Klout scores, because cats around the world are ready to show their real web influence with cat toys that tweet on demand.

When Mark de Vinck's family decided to adopt an adorable stripey orange kitty named Chester, he soon got tired of relaying the cat's up-to-the-minute antics to his wife, who missed them while she was away at work. In an effort to cut out the middleman, Mark, being the crafty gentlemen that he is, created a contraption called the "Kitty Twitty." The device consists of a brightly painted box with a switchboard inside, and a cat toy attached to a wire on top, allowing Chester to post automatic Twitter updates with the simple flick of paw.

If you're the technical sort with an ambitious streak, de Vinck has posted detailed step-by-step instructions for the gadget on Make Projects, and also hopes to post future modifications that would allow you to track your cat's sleeping and food consumption habits as well.

The concept of felines making their own social media updates isn't entirely a new one; Just last month, recent MA grad Samuel Cox turned an old eMac monitor into a light-up, self-tweeting cat bed that automatically sends updates to his kitty's Twitter account, which you can follow at @eSleeper1.



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