Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Loyal Cat Goes To The Ends Of The Earth In Chinese Drug Store Commercial

Mannings Cat Commercial

Our Facebook friend Sandy, cat mom to Monsieur and Milo, recently posted this video which she says is currently very popular in Hong Kong. In it, a forlorn cat (played by both a real kitty, and a costumed feline), can't stand to see his girl sick, so he travels far and wide in search of a magical herbal cure, only to find that what he was looking for was available at a local drugstore all along.

Sandy translates:

"When the cat was hiding in the next room sighing, there was some Chinese text saying, "What to do?".. and so he investigates the magic herbs and sets out to find it. Then the cat goes to Mannings (a drug store in HK) to buy the herbs and comes back to find the girl missing. The girl then appears and says "mau mau," which means "kitty" in Cantonese. At the end the narrator says, "The people who treat you the best are always next to you. Mannings has been serving you for 40 years and will continue to try their best."

Sitting here in a post-Nyquil haze among a pile of tissues, I can't help but wish my cats would take note. I don't expect them to travel to Egypt to find a cure for the common cold, but a short trip to the store for some hot soup and decongestants would be nice.



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