Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello Kitty Dental Clinic Honors The Famous Feline Without A Mouth

I thought I'd heard it all when it came to Hello Kitty-themed establishments. First there was the theme park (been there, done that), followed by curiosities such as the Hello Kitty airport terminal and my personal favorite, the Hello Kitty maternity ward.

Now comes news out of Japan on the latest in a string of strange venues to host the world famous feline.

Heart's Dental Clinic, a dentist's office with decor so sweet, you're likely to get a cavity while waiting for a check-up, opened its doors in Tokyo earlier this week. Its purpose has been described as a way to help combat the "painful, scary" image of a typical dentist's office. Patients who are lucky enough to score an appointment will be swept up into a sea of pink furnishings, which include heart shaped sinks, chandeliers, and Hello Kitty artwork on the walls.

Based on what brings you to the clinic that day, there are three different rooms where you might find yourself visiting. The Kitty Pearl room is used to discuss symptoms and treatment plans, Kitty Ruby is where the actual dental procedures are performed, and Kitty Diamond is reserved for patients getting implants or other special treatments.

Sanrio has given its blessing to the clinic, the first of its kind, but there's still no word on how Kitty herself plans to promote good oral hygiene, when she herself has no mouth.

Via Anime News Network / (Check out more images over at Netlab)



Daisy said...

I am a little bit worried that the "Kitty Ruby" room stands for BLOOD!

Unknown said...

Damn! that's cute!

Anonymous said...

lil girls would love this


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