Thursday, January 19, 2012

Protect Your iPhone With A Climbing Kitten Case

If I didn't already have a cat lady iPhone cover, I'd have my paws all over this obscenely adorable KiKi Kitten Case. The smartphone shield, which fits all iPhone 4/4s models, features a cuddly cat clutching your phone from behind, while its little face peeks over on the front!

The colorful covers, which are sure to generate a lot of attention, are available now for pre-order from Strapya World for $18.20 each.

Thanks to Kitty Wigs for the tip!



Zhang said...

i love it! gosh! gosh ! gosh!

Alex said...

OMG hahaha. This is wonderful!!

Sheila said...

The climbing kitty case is just irresistibly cute!

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