Thursday, January 5, 2012

Woman One-Ups Burglars With Cat Poo Surprise

Heidi and Kevin

Well this is a story you don't hear every day...

When thieves stole a bag of Heidi Morrell's groceries from her doorstep just days before Christmas, she didn't get mad...she got even!

Morrell had just returned from a shopping trip, leaving a bag on her front porch, while she went inside for a minute to unload some others. Unluckily for her, by the time she returned, the bag, filled with Christmas food and chocolates, was gone.

More annoyed than anything else, Morrell decided to enlist the help of her cat Kevin (look at the face!) to exact her revenge on the crooks, who clearly had no idea who they were messing with. Heidi, who obviously has a great sense of humor, dumped the contents of Kevin's litter box into a fancy package, and neatly tied it up with a bow, with the following message inside: "Merry Christmas you thieving toerag. May you spend an eternity in Hades being poked with sharp pencils."

I'm pretty sure that's not chocolate..

I wish I could end this story by telling you that the unscrupulous thieves took the "poo parcel," she left out for them, but sadly as of late last week it still remained unclaimed. However, Kevin's doody donation was most certainly not left in vain. If anything else, may it serve as a stinky reminder to would-be burglars everywhere to not mess with a lady and her cat!



Jenna said...

ARGH! I only with it had also been stolen!
Hilarious story!
Kevin is a cutie!

Bonnie said...

that is too funny -- Kevin has a wonderful face. if this package isn't stolen, maybe she should have a bag ready the next time she goes grocery shopping to leave on the porch :)

Anonymous said...

How clever!! I'll have to remember this. : )

Anonymous said...

i just love that she took a

Anonymous said...

I did this years ago when my milk carton kept getting taken from my door - filled it up with diluted cat poo! It went! Hope they took a slurp!!

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