Monday, January 16, 2012

Tabby's Place Update: Tashi Gets Adopted, And A Miracle For Dot


Tabby's Place in Ringoes, NJ, a cage-free sanctuary for cats rescued from hopeless situations, is a veritable heaven on earth for kitties. Young or old, healthy or sick, all residents are welcomed through their doors with the promise of refuge for as long as they need it, even if that ends up being forever.

If you've been a reader for awhile, you might remember a series of posts I wrote over the summer about Tabby's Place, and some of the amazing special needs cats that reside there. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular profiles I did was on Tashi, a 3-year-old tabby who arrived at the sanctuary in 2008. Tashi was found living in a feral colony in Ohio, where volunteers rescued the incontinent, paraplegic kitten, and brought him to the sanctuary where he not only survived, but thrived with the support of their dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

Truth be told, it's no tough fate to be a Tabby's Place cat. They get top of the line accommodations and care, along with a steady stream of love and attention. However, at the end of the day, every kitty deserves to find a forever home of their own, and the sanctuary never gives up hope that each of their residents will be adopted, no matter how "unadoptable" they may seem.

When a cat like Tashi gets adopted, it's especially rewarding, if not bittersweet. Development Director Angela Townsend recently wrote a must read post about Tashi's journey to his forever home, but the story doesn't end there.


As you can imagine, Tabby's Place has a long waiting list, and while they wish they could take in every cat in need, they justifiably can only accept new residents as space and resources allow. Understandably, it's not every day that a spot for an incontinent, paraplegic cats opens up, but in a twist that will make you believe in miracles, it just so happened that as the ink was drying on Tashi's adoption, a 4-month-old kitten named Dot, whose hind legs are paralyzed due to spina bifida, was the subject of an intense online campaign to find her a new home (you can read her entire story here). Miraculously, all of the details fell into place, and Dot made her journey to Tabby's Place on Friday. From the looks of things, this tiny handful is going to fit right into her loving new home, happily filling the big paw prints left behind before her.

We wish the best of luck to Tashi (who was adopted with fellow special needs cat, Gabriella), and can't wait to see what the future holds in store for little Dot, who will be receiving physical therapy, as well as nutrition support to help her along in her wonderful new life.

If you'd like to learn more about Tabby's Place, or want to pledge your support through a donation or sponsorship (Dot's direct sponsorship page is here), please visit for more information.



Carol's Critter Corner said...

Great post, thank you. So glad special needs kitties are being adopted and loved. Wish the best for Tashi and Dot and hope they have long lives.

Kitty said...

This is the most wonderful happy ending story I've heard! I went over to Tabby's Place to see his friend Gabrielle that was adopted by the same family! How wonderful, these lucky kittys! Tabby's place sounds like such a wonderful place to save all these needful cats, I wish I lived close to NJ!


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