Friday, January 6, 2012

Drop Everything And Watch This Dreamy Feline Inspired Music Video

The Weeknd - High For This from Anastasia Marchal on Vimeo.

It's open for debate if Anastasia Marchal's feline inspired music video for The Weeknd's "High For This," featuring a beautiful white kitty, macarons, flowers, and pink candy, is "the most important cat video ever," as claimed by Flavorpill's Russ Marshalek, but it's still pretty wonderful, and somehow manages to capture the essence of every single photo I have ever "liked" on Tumblr.



Unknown said...

Yeah it's sexy and all, but Iz say it could have been "catzded" better wid moi! ke ke ke

starification said...

Lovely video of a lovely cat...just dreamy ;D

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