Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feline Fence Post

I've seen plenty of pictures of kitties sitting on fence posts, but never one like this! The neighborhood birds can't be too pleased by this development.



Admiral Hestorb said...

OH if I could ONLY have that!!!

My new girl Katie is close to having her starter bloggie. She is blogging on Angel Admiral's blog right now.


Carol's Critter Corner said...

Love it. I've always wanted a white picket fence and this makes it even better!

Michelle Kay said...

Cute blog. That fence is hilarious!

KittyChair Designs said...

The photo lists the fence as being in Maine, but there is an identical one in Ft. Collins, CO. (And probably others across the country.) I went to college there and have wanted a kitty picket fence ever since I first saw it!

Sheila said...

Catlovers would definitely like to have this cat in their fences.

katherinekoehn said...

Ya its a nice fence...its pretty sure that cat lovers will definitely love it..You are truly is always pleasure to come across your posts!

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