Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Light-Up, Self-Tweeting Cat Bed of the 21st Century Has Arrived

Samuel Cox, one part recently finished MA student, another part cute guy with cat (sorry, he is!), has created what he calls, "a 21st century cat basket, an ideal resting location for any cat."

Housed inside the shell of an old Apple eMac monitor, Cox's eSleeper is controlled by an Ethernet Arduino that receives data from an infra-red beam. When entering the bed, the cat is greeted with "the iconic Macintosh start-up chime," along with "relaxing waves of color." Once naptime is over, the cats exit prompts the sensor to dim the lights, and send out an automatic tweet, displaying various phrases, along with the amount of time kitty was holed up in its dreamy, technological oasis.

Recent status updates from Samuel's cat's Twitter account (which can be found @eSleeper1), have included musings on going to the vet ("Vet day today :( Managed to stay in bed for 41 minutes before I was dragged out"), cat fights ("Fuming!!! Had a catfight and was sent to bed. I've given it 41 minutes and I'm going out. Hopefully he's still outside..."), and Justin Bieber ("Horrible nightmare. My owner dressed me up as Justin Bieber and 171 minutes in I was singing 'One Time'. Wait...that wasn't a dream.").

Imagine being away work or out wherever and checking Twitter, only to find that your cat has been busy sending status updates (err..napping) all day long? Now if only I could get Cox to invent a similar device that would send out longer, (semi) random blog posts, then I could take a nap while my cats do all the work!



Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

OMC! I have so been wanting to gut the old eMac on my desk (if you have seen my desk...3 monitors, silly! I was just going to make a cat bed out of it, but I love the extras this guys eBed has! I am not a techie but I am going to bookmark this in case a techie friend can help bring this to fruition for me and the cats!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Cute kitty as well (:

MaryMatthews said...

Amazing!!! BTW, I LOVE the Fancy Feast 2011 ornament. And the Happy Holidays from Catsparella card enclosed is so cool!

Catsparella said...

@Teri That would be pawesome!! There's more info on Samuel's site about the "technical" aspects of the design.

lol, thanks Mary! I'll have you know I cut and assembled each note by hand! :)

Samantha said...

I LOVE this!

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