Thursday, October 21, 2010

Etsy Find: Cat Hats by To Scarborough Fair

I first reported on Etsy cat hat store, Pampered Whiskers last month. I may be late to the game with this, but today I discovered To Scarborough Fair, yet another Etsy store devoted to ridiculously adorable kitty hats.

Through the Seasons Steampunk Mini Hat, $16.00

All of Scarborough Fair's designs are original and handmade, with "much thought and care put into the special, *sensitive* needs of cats."

The store also features helpful tips on how to actually put the hats on a kitty:

A good treat and relaxed mood are always a good start.
Always be very gentle and talk in a warm, soothing voice.
Encourage and praise the kitty for good behavior.
Don’t force the cat if he/she really does not want to “dress up”.
Please don’t use without adult supervision.
Don't use the camera flash when taking frontal pictures of the pet.

Got it? Ok, on to the hats!

French Chic Mini Beret, $23.00

Pixie is back home from her international model shoot in Paris. The City of Lights had a great impact on her, and now she’s spotted all over the place wearing her new meow-la-la beret.

Mad Hatter Cat Hat, $23.00

We watched the movie Alice in Wonderland and liked it very much. The Mad Hatter was awesome, so Pixie helped me to re-create a similar style. And if you look closer you can maybe catch a glimpse of her Cheshire smile. Or maybe not.

Native American Inspired Wig with Headband, $30.00

(Ed note: Good luck with the feather on this one.)

Southern Belle Spring Hat and Wig, $18.00

A sleek elastic band holds everything in place very good. Actually, during the photo shoot, Pixie took off running, with her hat on and her curly locks graciously bouncing up and down, which was an incredibly cute and hilarious view. I know you too will have a good time.

Or maybe you're looking to have your own fabulous kitty witch this Halloween?

Witch Cat Hat with Wiglet (lol!) - The Witch of Orange, $16.50 (Available in several other colors, including Purple, Red, and Green)

This Halloween, trick the trick or treaters by letting your kitty show off this witch hat on top of a spectacular, bright orange hair.

Your cat might not be too happy, but if you like what you see, check out To Scarborough Fair's Etsy shop here for even more amazing hats. From graduation caps, to cowboys and wizards, they have you covered for almost every occasion. I personally wouldn't mind one of the French chic mini berets for myself. ;)



caren gittleman said...

omg hilarious!

Angie, Catladyland said...

I cannot express how much I LOVE this!!!

Daisy said...

Oh my Cod, I love all of the beautiful hats!

8GR8LOLCATS said...

Hats- are OK for kitty dress-up... but we are not for costumes on our bodies! Those are GR8 hats. Also a pretty good fit for a kitty head are the hats from the Build-A-Bear stores! :)

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