Monday, October 4, 2010

Planning Your Dream Cat Wedding

Whether you or your favorite feline friends are getting married, here is an ultimate guide to organizing a dream cat wedding celebration!

The Invitations:

The Groom:

The Rings:

The Flowers:


Cake and Cake Toppers:

The Favors:

The Gift:

The Ceremony:



Anonymous said...

so, true story...luster studios is who did my wedding photography earlier this year...

but i swear it wasn't because of those cats pics, ha!


Catsparella said...

Really?? That's so funny..haha! Are there cats in any of your pics? ;)

Anonymous said...

Haha, unfortunately no, my whole wedding was cat free. But I DID have REALLY awesome/creepy cat save the dates. My friends loved them but my in-laws...were probably scared.


Anonymous said...

Thats helpful. My cat is getting married in a month!

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