Sunday, October 17, 2010

Meet the Breeds 2010 and Meow-Wear Fashion Show

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend the Meet the Breeds 2010 Expo at the Javits Center in New York City. The annual event, launched last year, is sponsored by the American Kennel Club and the Cat Fanciers' Association.
Meet the Breeds is not just another pet expo. If you've attended a cat or dog show before, you know that most of the animals are strictly "look, but don't touch!"
Meet the Breeds is extremely unique because of its hands-on nature. It lives up to its name, in that if you wanted to, you could literally "meet" (and pet) almost every animal featured at the show. And with 160 breeds of dogs, and 41 breeds of cats all in one (very large) room, there were certainly plenty to choose from. Not since Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore have both species come together in such a fantastical way.

From curly cats and naked cats, to fluffy cats and more, I got the chance to rub elbows with some of the calmest felines I've ever met. I loved the little Burmese kitten, the chatty Devon Rex, the gorgeous Exotics, and the affable British Shorthair. I finally got a chance to pet the famous hairless Sphynx, and was surprised by its velvety texture.
The booths were also interesting and informative, all decked out to represent their respective breeds. The Japanese Bobtail booth featured a Maneki Neko tapestry, and the Siamese station was decorated by images of famous Siamese cats in cinematic history.
Besides being able to get up close and personal with all of the animals, the highlight of the show was "The Kitty Cat-ture Feline Fashion Show", featuring 20 custom outfits by renowned cat fashion house, Meow-Wear.
You may already be familiar with some of Meow-Wear's fashions, as several of them recently appeared on the four-legged guests at a birthday party for Matilda, the Algonquin Hotel's resident feline back in August.

The show not only brought cats and dogs together, it brought different religions together, too!
The event was fun for all, and I would definitely recommend it to any animal lover looking to learn more about different types of dogs and cats.
For more information about Meet the Breeds, please visit the official site here.




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