Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catsparella Exclusive: Catching Up With the Kitten Massage Therapy Cats!

What cat lover hasn't seen this adorable Kitten Massage Therapy video that's gone viral in the past few weeks, even appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show? The clip features two foster kittens from the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA), indulging in the cutest massage ever!

According to the video description, "To see them here, it is hard to believe how timid, wild and fearful they were when they were first rescued. So affectionate and loving." 

Happily, both cats have found a loving forever home along with their adopted brother, Coal. We recently caught up with their owner, YouTube user MsBTigress, who was kind enough to send along an update on the kittens. Adopted last September, the cats are all grown up now, and have been renamed Clea and Oreo.

Read on for more!

How old are Clea and Oreo now? 

Just over a year old - officially adult cats now!

Were you surprised that their video ended up becoming so popular?

The video was actually taken by their foster mom before I adopted them. I found it on YouTube, which was surprising enough. And then it went viral and ended up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I have been telling random strangers that my cats are famous! I would love for everyone to see them now, all grown up. They live in Vancouver with their adopted brother, Coal.

Oreo, Coal, and Clea

Do they still engage in kitty massage therapy?

Clea massaged Oreo very early on when I adopted them (I have a video of that). And then Clea would focus on me and massage me quite a bit, which I loved! Ironically, she did that up until about a month before I found the video. And then just a couple of weeks ago, she started engaging in it again! Yep, she knows she's famous!!

Anything else you'd like to share with us?

I adopted Clea, Oreo, and Coal from the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA - www.vokra.ca). They are entirely volunteer and donation run and went from saving 800 abandoned kittens and adult cats a year to over 1,400 last year and this year. All the cats live in foster homes not shelters until they are adopted out. They eat the best food and are very well taken care. But VOKRA is facing hard financial times as more and more kittens show up on their doorstep. They desperately need funds, so please visit them at www.vokra.ca, so they can keep saving more kittens like Clea and Oreo!

Clea was named after Cleopatra

Very special thanks to MsBTigress for providing the wonderful pictures of her beautiful kitties! Check out her YouTube Channel to follow the continuing adventures of Clea, Oreo, and Coal.

Also, please visit VOKRA for more information on how you can help orphaned cats like Clea, Oreo, and this little foster cutie, Sara McMuffin:



Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

thank you for the followup info on these adorable cats! They are truly special!

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bellevue chiropractic said...

So adorable! I'd love to see these kitties giving massages themselves. It's great to see that even kitties know about massages.

Your Daily Cute said...

I love this! So, so cute. Thank you so much for the update on them! :)

Unknown said...

the cuteness is blinding me!!!

Unknown said...

that second video is hilarious! looks more like clea is trying to get on oreo's nerves! lol >.<

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