Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inmates Rescue Injured Kitten and Raise Money for SPCA

WIVB is reporting today on a tiny, injured kitten that has brought out the best in some inmates at a correctional facility in Gowanda, NY.

After finding the ailing cat stuck in a barbed wire fence last month, they turned the three-month-old kitten - which they named Rocky - over to the SPCA for treatment.

The inmates were asked to donate for taking Rocky in, so they came together and decided to raise $1,000 for the rescue organization!

The good news continues, because Little Rocky is going to be just fine. And even more, arrangements have already been made for him to be adopted by one of the rescuers families once he is fully recovered!



Anonymous said...

Sweet! Good to see inmates that have genuine concern for animals.

MyFuZZyButtZ said...

Too many of our young men and women are serving time in prisons, never having LEARNED to love or FEEL compassion for another living being. Prisons should seriously consider bringing animals onsite, so inmates can be taught to groom, or train them, and then have a skill if/when they get out. Dogs, cats, and even horses all across our nation need homes and this would be a Win/WIN! Animals can 'reboot' our soul!

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