Monday, October 25, 2010

Cat Pumpkin Bonanza!

Yesterday morning, I finally went out and bought my perfect Halloween pumpkin (a woman in the parking lot even commented that it was the "classic" pumpkin shape). Now the question is, how am I going to carve it? (Spoiler alert: It will involve cats).

As usual, I turned to the internet for some divine kitty inspiration, and picked out a few of my favorites to share.

I ended up getting distracted along the way with pictures of cats WITH pumpkins, so you'll find some of those too!

Simple, yet super cute. The bow gives it a Minnie Mouse vibe, and extra points for what appears to be pipe cleaner whiskers. I love it when pumpkins accessorize!

This one's called "Elliot and His Little Pumpkin"

French Kitty is one of my favs, so I was excited to see a jack-o-lantern in the glamourous felines honor.

"The Pumpkin Pride! Sammi the pumpkin, Fat Holly the Pumpkin, and Midget (aka Grendel) the pumpkin"

Maneki Neko, the lucky cat pumpkin

"Sissy Cat and pumpkin - Sissy sits on my side of the couch in a classic pose for her with paws tucked under"

Pink fish!

"Pumpkin & my One-eyed Cat"

This sweet little guy is made with a Japanese tsurukubi pumpkin

Believe it or not, Flickr user fuzzy_ismit used a fake pumpkin to make this carving of her kitty, Dot. What makes this pumpkin one of my favorites is how it was lit up. They used different color LED lights to achieve the unique, multi-colored effect seen below!

"Cat in a Pump-kat"

artbeco created this lovely yin-yang kitty pumpkin. She sells them in her Etsy store, although I don't see any cat pumpkins currently for sale.

"Simba's pumpkin - Halloween night"

"Cat-o-lantern - It took me forever to make friends with this cat enough to convince it to pose by this pumpkin."

A late edition to my previously posted online collection of Keyboard Cat Pumpkins!

Amazing Cheshire Cat pumpkin

And finally, one of my favorite Halloween cat pumpkins of all! A year or two ago I used the small cat club's retro-spooky pumpkin above as inspiration for a carving of my own. What really drew me to this pumpkin was its unusual Pac Man-like eyes and detachable ears.

While mine wasn't nearly as good, it still won cutest pumpkin in my office's pumpkin carving contest.

So what do you think? Do you have any catty jack-o-lanterns of your own to share? Drop me a line at - I'd love to see!



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