Friday, September 27, 2013

Say Hello To Zoe The Moustache Cat

Zoe the Moustache Cat

You may already be familiar with Hamilton the Hipster Cat, the mustachioed cat-dude from San Francisco who rose to fame thanks to his undeniable white fringe, but now it's time to meet your newest feline obsession: Zoe, a fierce tortoiseshell kitty who isn't afraid to embrace her inner Frida Kahlo.

I didn't choose the moustache. The moustache chose me.

My moustache is rooted in confidence.

According to her official bio, the hirsute feline is the creation of mythical creatures, who knew just what the world needed was another cat with a mustache:

Not long ago, the Humble Unicorn Guild (HUG) examined the world and noticed that something was missing. Since necessity is the mother of invention, HUG decided to create a lady cat with a moustache whose unconventional beauty, wit and charm would delight the world.

The unicorns placed a single cat whisker and a photo of a famous moustachioed man into a flowerpot. With the help of magic, Zoe sprouted like a kitten camellia. Moustache unwavering and full of pep, young Zoe was excited to explore the world. 

Keep Calm and Enjoy My Moustache

I'm having a bad moustache day. Will stay in bed.

The fashion forward feline, who sees her unique markings as a strength rather than a weakness, also writes blog, where she shares her musings on fashion, beauty, humor, and design. If only we could all be as self-confident as Zoe about a little extra facial fuzz!

In this light, you have a moustache too.

To learn more about this hip kitty, follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and visit her blog at



Pomalowana na niebiesko said...

Purrrfect moustache :)

J.Hallyday autoportrait said...

I like Zoe Moustache I have Chonolat'e 😹😹😹

Sparkle said...

My human says that if she were HER kitty she would totally have named her Frida.

Brian's Home Blog said...

Zoe is totally, totally adorable!

Katie Isabella said...

This is the most adorable irresistible darling little cat in the world!!!

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